Mianwali Express Train Timings and Routes

Mianwali Express Train Timings. Are you considering traveling to Mianwali and seeking details about rail schedules and routes? Look nowhere else! We will give you a thorough overview of the Mianwali Express train in this post, including its schedules, itineraries, and everything else you need to know to have a comfortable and convenient trip.

Mianwali Express Train Timings and Routes

Mianwali Express Train Timings and Routes

Mianwali, a city in Pakistan’s Punjab province, is connected to other significant cities by the well-liked train service Mianwali Express. Both inhabitants and visitors can travel easily and enjoy the beauty of Mianwali and its surroundings thanks to this practical form of transportation.

147UP Mianwali Express Train Timings

Detailed information about the Mianwali Express train schedule for each stop. Every day, a passenger train called the Mianwali Express travels between Mari Indus and Lahore. Timings for the Mianwali Express train at each stop, using the most recent Pakistan Railway timetable. Summertime Pakistani train Mianwali Express full-time schedule, stop information and halt details.

Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
1 MARI INDUS 20:10
2 DAUD KHEL JN 20:30 20:32
3 PAI KHEL 20:47 20:49
4 MIAN WALI 21:10 21:15
5 KUNDIAN JN 21:45 22:05
6 WANBHACHARAN 22:27 22:29
7 QUAIDABAD 22:50 22:52
8 KHUSHAB 23:44 23:46
9 SARGODHA JN. 00:45 01:00
10 SHAHINABAD JN. 01:02 01:30
11 CHINIOT 02:16 02:18
12 SANGLA HILL 03:08 03:10
13 QILA SHEIKHUPURA 03:50 03:52
14 SHAHDARA BAGH JN. 04:38 04:40
15 LAHORE JN. 05:00
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148DN Mianwali Express Train Timings

Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
1 LAHORE JN. 21:00
2 SHAHDARA BAGH JN. 21:13 21:15
3 QILA SHEIKHUPURA 21:41 21:43
4 SANGLA HILL 22:22 22:24
5 CHINIOT 23:16 23:18
6 SHAHINABAD JN. 00:05 00:06
7 SARGODHA JN. 00:45 01:00
8 KHUSHAB 01:50 01:52
9 QUAIDABAD 02:43 02:45
10 WANBHACHARAN 03:07 03:09
11 KUNDIAN JN 03:35 03:55
12 MIAN WALI 04:15 04:20
13 PAI KHEL 04:56 04:58
14 DAUD KHEL JN 05:22 05:24
15 MARI INDUS 05:50

FAQs about Mianwali Express Train Timings and Routes

Q. How can I check the schedule for the Mianwali Express trains?
Ans. You can check the Mianwali Express train schedule by going to Pakistan Railways’ official website or by getting in touch with your local railroad station.

Q. What are the main stops along the route of the Mianwali Express?
Ans. Lahore, Rawalpindi, Mianwali, Kundian, and Bannu are among the important stops along the Mianwali Express route.

Q. Can I purchase a Mianwali Express ticket online?
Ans. Yes, you may purchase a ticket for the Mianwali Express online using Pakistan Railways’ official website or several other ticketing websites.

Q. Are there any food options aboard the Mianwali Express?
Ans. The Mianwali Express does have a dining area where travelers can choose from a range of food and drinks while they travel.

Q. Is riding the Mianwali Express a comfortable experience?
Ans. The Mianwali Express is renowned for its air-conditioned coaches, comfortable sitting arrangements, and clean, well-maintained compartments, all of which make for a pleasant ride for passengers.

To sum up, the Mianwali Express is a well-known train line that connects numerous Pakistani cities and towns. It provides both locals and visitors with a dependable transportation choice with its flexible schedules and effective service. The Mianwali Express offers a relaxing and pleasurable ride, regardless of whether you’re considering visiting Mianwali or other locations around.

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