1st Sehwan SPL Train Timings and Routes

1st Sehwan SPL Train Timings. Sehwan Sharif, a historic city in Pakistan’s Sindh region, is well-known for its extensive cultural legacy and religious significance. Numerous pilgrims and tourists flock to Sehwan Sharif each year to pay respects to the revered Sufi saint Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. Pakistan Railways launched the first Sehwan SPL (Special) train service to meet the transportation needs of those going to and from Sehwan Sharif. The timings and itinerary of the first Sehwan SPL train are covered in detail on this page.

1st Sehwan SPL Train Timings and Routes

1st Sehwan SPL Train Timings and Routes

The 1st Sehwan SPL train is a dedicated train service that connects Sehwan Sharif with major cities in Pakistan. It offers a convenient and comfortable travel option for devotees, tourists, and locals alike. Whether you’re planning a spiritual journey or exploring the cultural heritage of Sehwan Sharif, the 1st Sehwan SPL train is a reliable choice for your travel needs.

231UP 1st Sehwan SPL Train Timings

Information on the Pakistan Railway fare table and the cost of a ticket between the Pakistani railway stations in Sehwan Sharif and Karachi. Numerous express and passenger trains travel along various Pakistani railway routes from Karachi to Sehwan Sharif. varied classes have varied ticket prices and rail fares. Between Karachi and Sehwan Sharif Daily, trains called the Khushhal Khan Khattak Express and the Bolan Mail Express run. Information on train fares for express passenger trains running between Karachi Cantt Railway Station and Sehwan Sharif trains, as of the most recent fares.

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Station Name Arrival Departure
Sehwan Sharif 16:00:00
Dadu 17:00:00 17:05:00
Larkana 19:35:00 19:37:00
Habibkot 21:35:00 22:05:00
Sukkur 22:35:00 22:40:00
Rohri 22:50:00 23:20:00
Khanpur 02:30:00 02:35:00
Khanewal 06:00:00 06:30:00
Gojra 08:50:00 08:52:00
Faisalabad 10:00:00

230DN 1st Sehwan SPL Train Timings

Station Name Arrival Departure
Faisalabad 18:00:00
Gojra 18:50:00 18:52:00
Khanewal 21:10:00 21:40:00
Khanpur 00:50:00 00:55:00
Rohri 04:15:00 04:45:00
Sukkur 05:00:00 05:05:00
Habibkot 05:45:00 06:15:00
Larkana 07:35:00 07:37:00
Dadu 10:00:00 10:05:00
Sehwan Sharif 11:05:00

The First Sehwan SPL Train’s Importance

Travel to Sehwan Sharif is greatly facilitated by the 1st Sehwan SPL train. It provides a handy way for people to go to their destination that is both pleasant and economical. The train is particularly well-liked by visitors and pilgrims who want to visit the Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Shrine.

The First Sehwan SPL Train’s Schedule

7:30 AM departure time from Karachi Cantt.
11:30 AM Arrival at Sehwan Sharif.
5:00 PM departure time from Sehwan Sharif.
9:00 PM Arrival at Karachi Cantt.
It is always advisable to check with the train authorities or visit their official website for the most recent information because these timings are subject to change.

Stops and Routes

The 1st Sehwan SPL train travels a predetermined path with predetermined stops. Major cities and towns along the route make it possible for passengers to board or exit where they choose. The following are the main stops along the route:

Karachi Junction Cantt Landhi
Bangalore Junction
Adam Junction Tando
Nawab Junction
At Shah Junction, Bhit
Syed Sharif
From either of these stops, passengers can easily board the train and travel in comfort to Sehwan Sharif.

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Offerings on Board

For passengers to have a comfortable ride, the 1st Sehwan SPL train has a number of amenities. The coaches have excellent seating arrangements and are well-maintained. During the trip, passengers can unwind and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Additionally, the train offers onboard food services with a selection of snacks and meals. Throughout the journey, passengers can buy snacks to sate their hunger.

Advice for a Relaxed Journey

Arrive Early: To minimize any last-minute traffic or inconvenience, it is usually preferable to arrive at the station long before the departure time.

Pack the essentials: Be sure to bring along any personal goods you might need while traveling, like water bottles, snacks, and medications.

Wear Comfortable Clothes and Footwear: To ensure that you can unwind throughout the train travel, dress comfortably.

Bring entertainment with you to keep yourself occupied on the trip, such as novels, periodicals, or technological devices.

Respect Other Passengers: By treating other passengers with courtesy and respect, you may help create a comfortable environment on board.

Looking into Sehwan Sharif

There are many sights and things to do after you get to Sehwan Sharif. For those who are interested in architecture and spirituality, the Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar is a must-see. The energetic ambiance, Sufi music, and spiritual ceremonies provide tourists with a singular experience.

To indulge in shopping for handicrafts, ethnic wear, and souvenirs, you may also visit the nearby bazaars and markets. Don’t forget to sample some of the delightfully spiced and flavorful native cuisines.

FAQs about 1st Sehwan SPL Train Timings and Routes

Q. Is the first Sehwan SPL train running constantly?

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Ans. Yes, the train runs on a daily basis and offers customers regular service.

Q. Can I order my tickets ahead of time?

Ans. In order to guarantee a seat on the train, it is preferable to purchase your tickets in advance.

Q. Are there any discounts offered to seniors or students?

Ans. Senior citizens and students may be eligible for additional reductions from the railway authority. It is advised to do so when making the reservation.

Q. How long does it take to get from Sehwan Sharif to Karachi Cantt?

Ans. The trip takes around four hours.

Q. Do travelers with special needs have access to any facilities?

Ans. Wheelchair accessibility and specific seating sections are among the amenities the train offers to passengers with special needs.

For visitors to Sehwan Sharif, the 1st Sehwan SPL train offers a practical and comfortable means of transit. Passengers can plan their route and arrive at their destination on time thanks to the regular timetable. With this rail service available, exploring Sehwan Sharif and its cultural history is much simpler.

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