Sukkur Express Train Timings And Routes

Sukkur Express Train Timings. Are you looking for precise and current train schedules and itineraries if you’re travelling from Sukkur? Look nowhere else! We will provide you all the pertinent details about the Sukkur Express train in this article, including its schedule, routes, and other crucial information. Whether you’re a commuter from the area or a tourist travelling through Sukkur, this guide will make your trip easy and enjoyable.

Sukkur Express Train Timings and Routes

Sukkur Express Train Timings and Routes
Sukkur Express Train Timings and Routes

Famous in Pakistan, the Sukkur Express connects Sukkur with important towns all around the nation. This express train, which is run by Pakistan Railways, provides passengers with a convenient and comfortable means of transportation. The Sukkur Express guarantees a comfortable travel experience for both short- and long-distance trips with its contemporary amenities and effective services.

145UP Sukkur Express Train Timings

Sukkur Express train schedules including complete details for all stops in Corona. A daily express passenger train called the Sukkur Express runs between Jacobabad and Karachi. Timings for Sukkur Express trains at all of its stops as of the most recent Pakistani railway timetable. Sukkur Express complete time table, stop data, and halt information for the most recent Pakistani train time.

Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
2 KARACHI CANTT 23:10 23:20
3 DRIGH ROAD 23:35 23:37
4 LANDHI JN. 23:55 23:57
5 KOTRI JN. 01:40 01:55
6 HYDERABAD JN 02:10 02:18
7 TANDO ADAM 03:04 03:07
8 SHAHDADPUR 03:25 03:27
9 SARHARI 03:43 03:45
10 NAWABSHAH JN. 03:57 04:00
11 DAUR 04:17 04:19
12 BANDHI 04:25 04:27
13 KOT-LALLOO 04:35 04:37
14 PADIDAN 04:49 04:51
15 BHIRIA ROAD 05:04 05:06
16 LAKHA ROAD 05:19 05:21
17 MAHRABPUR 05:35 05:37
18 SETHARJA 05:50 05:52
19 RANIPUR RIYASAT 06:08 06:10
20 GAMBAT 06:25 06:27
21 KHAIRPUR 07:00 07:02
22 ROHRI JN. 07:50 08:10
23 SUKKUR 08:20 08:50
24 SHIKARPUR 09:45 09:50
25 JACOBABAD JN. 11:00
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146DN Sukkur Express Train Timings

Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
2 SHIKARPUR 19:30 19:35
3 SUKKUR 20:30 21:00
4 ROHRI JN. 21:10 21:30
5 KHAIRPUR 21:57 21:59
6 GAMBAT 22:28 22:30
7 RANIPUR RIYASAT 22:45 22:47
8 SETHARJA 22:58 23:00
9 MAHRABPUR 23:13 23:15
10 LAKHA ROAD 23:29 23:31
11 BHIRIA ROAD 23:44 23:46
12 PADIDAN 23:50 23:52
13 KOT-LALLOO 23:54 23:56
14 BANDHI 22:57 23:00
15 DAUR 23:06 23:08
16 NAWABSHAH JN. 23:57 23:59
17 SARHARI 00:24 00:26
18 SHAHDADPUR 02:00 02:02
19 TANDO ADAM 02:58 03:00
20 HYDERABAD JN 03:40 03:45
21 KOTRI JN. 04:00 04:15
22 LANDHI JN. 05:50 06:09
23 DRIGH ROAD 06:40 06:42
24 KARACHI CANTT 07:15 07:25

Sukkur to Lahore

Sukkur Express offers a dependable and effective solution for travellers going from Sukkur to Lahore. The railway is a good option for travellers seeking for an overnight trip because it takes around 14 hours to get from Sukkur to Lahore.

Sukkur to Rawalpindi

Sukkur Express makes it simple for travellers to get between these cities by linking Sukkur and Rawalpindi. The 21-hour train ride from Sukkur to Rawalpindi provides plenty of opportunity to unwind and take in the natural beauty of Pakistan’s surroundings.

Ticket Purchase and Cost

You can use Pakistan Railways’ online booking tool or go to the closest railroad station to purchase Sukkur Express tickets. Depending on the class of travel, different fares may apply, including those for AC Sleeper, Business Class, and Economy Class. To guarantee your preferred class and seat, it is advised to purchase your tickets in advance.

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Amenities and Resources

For passengers’ comfort, the Sukkur Express offers relaxing sitting configurations. The seats have been ergonomically constructed to offer lots of legroom and back support. Additionally, even during sweltering summers, the air-conditioned coaches maintain a comfortable temperature during the journey.

Food and beverage services

Passengers can take use of the onboard meals and drink options while travelling. To accommodate varied preferences, Sukkur Express offers a wide selection of delectable meals and snacks. You can choose from a wide variety of selections to sate your appetite, whether you prefer traditional Pakistani food or flavours from around the world.

Storage for luggage

Travellers with luggage need not worry because Sukkur Express has adequate storage for bags and personal items. To enhance the security and convenience of passengers’ goods throughout the journey, designated compartments and overhead storage racks are available.

Features to Make Accessible

Passengers with special needs or impairments can be accommodated on the Sukkur Express thanks to its facilities. For passengers with mobility issues, the train has reserved seating and wheelchair accessible. The accommodating crew is trained to accommodate and support guests who need extra assistance.

Safety Precautions

Passenger safety is given top priority by Pakistan Railways, and it strictly enforces safety rules. Sukkur Express upholds a high degree of safety precautions, which include routine train maintenance, the installation of fire safety equipment, and trained personnel to deal with crises. They can travel in confidence knowing that their safety is our top priority.

Advice for a Relaxed Journey

To prevent any last-minute traffic, get to the train station well in advance of the departure time.
To make your vacation more comfortable, pack necessities like water, snacks, and entertainment options.
Keep all relevant identity documents on hand and within easy reach.
Keep the area tidy and considerate of other passengers’ comfort.
Through official announcements or internet platforms, keep up with any changes to the train’s timetable.

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FAQs about Sukkur Express Train Timings And Routes

Q. Are changes possible to the Sukkur Express train schedule?

Ans. Yes, there may be changes to the Sukkur Express train schedule. It is essential to check the most recent timetable before making travel arrangements.

Q: How can I purchase Sukkur Express tickets?

Ans. By going to the closest train station or utilising Pakistan Railways’ online booking tool, you can make reservations for the Sukkur Express.

Q. Does Sukkur Express provide eating options while travelling?

Ans. Yes, Sukkur Express offers a range of meals and snacks for travellers on board, as well as dining and refreshment services.

Q. Are there any special needs passengers’ accessible features?

Ans. Yes, the Sukkur Express has features like reserved seats and wheelchair accessible to help travellers with special needs.

Q. What safety precautions are in place on the Sukkur Express?

Ans. Sukkur Express upholds a high degree of safety precautions, which include routine train maintenance, fire safety gear, and qualified personnel to handle crises.


Travellers in and around Sukkur may rely on Sukkur Express to deliver an effective and dependable train service. It guarantees a relaxing and delightful ride for customers with its well-maintained coaches, on-time departures, and first-rate amenities. Sukkur Express is a great option to get you where you’re going quickly, whether you’re going to Karachi, Lahore, or Rawalpindi.

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