Mehr Express Train Timings and Routes

Mehr Express is a popular train service in Pakistan that runs between Karachi and Mirpur Khas. This train provides an affordable and comfortable travel option for passengers who wish to travel between these two cities. In this article, we will provide you with all the important details about Mehr Express train timings and routes.

Mehr Express Train Timings and Routes

Are you seeking for affordable and practical transport choices for a vacation you’re planning? The Mehr Express train service is your best bet! For travelers looking for comfort, cost, and timeliness, the Mehr Express is the best option thanks to its dependable timetables and well-established routes. In this post, we’ll examine the many Mehr Express schedules and itineraries to provide you with all the knowledge you need for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Mehr Express Train

The well-known rail service Mehr Express is noted for its high quality and patron pleasure. It has been a popular option for travelers all around the nation because it places a strong emphasis on comfort and convenience. The trains are well-maintained, provide a variety of amenities, and have a staff that is polite and knowledgeable.

Mehr Express Train Timings and Routes

128DN Train Timings for Mehr Express

Mehr Express operates daily from Karachi to Mirpur Khas and vice versa. The train departs from Karachi Cantt station at 11:15 AM and reaches Mirpur Khas station at 3:30 PM. On its return journey, the train departs from Mirpur Khas station at 5:00 PM and reaches Karachi Cantt station at 9:30 PM. It is important to note that the train timings may vary depending on weather conditions and other factors.

Take the Mehr Express early in the morning to start your day. Early risers and those who like to travel in the morning itself will be accommodated by the morning departures. Some popular morning departure times and itineraries are listed below:

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Sr. # Station Name Arrival Departure
2 GOLRA SHARIF 17:21 17:24
3 TARNOUL 17:32 17:34
4 FATEHJANG 18:01 18:03
5 BASAL SHARIF 18:48 18:49
6 BASAL JN. 19:00 19:02
7 DOMEL 19:08 19:09
8 NAMMAL 19:23 19:24
9 JAND JN 19:50 19:52
10 JHAMAT 20:17 20:19
11 CHHAB 20:28 20:30
12 INJRA 20:44 20:46
13 MAKHAD ROAD 20:59 21:01
14 DAUD KHEL JN 21:40 21:45
15 PAI KHEL 22:11 22:13
16 MIAN WALI 22:55 23:00
17 KUNDIAN JN 23:30 23:50
18 ALLUWALI 00:18 00:20
19 PIPLAN 00:39 00:41
20 KALLUR KOT 01:11 01:13
21 DARYA KHAN 02:19 02:21
22 BHAKKAR 02:50 02:52
23 BEHAL 03:19 03:21
24 KAROR 03:41 03:43
25 LEIAH 04:10 04:15
26 JAMAN SHAH 04:27 04:29
27 KOT SULTAN 04:42 04:44
28 ASHANPUR AHP 05:00 05:02
29 DERA DINPANAH 05:17 05:19
30 KOT ADU JN. 05:35 05:45
31 SANAWAN 06:02 06:04
32 GURMANI 06:13 06:14
33 MAHMUD KOT 06:25 06:27
34 BUDH 06:41 06:42
35 MUZAFFARGARH 06:58 07:00
36 SHER SHAH JN. 07:16 07:18

127UP Train Routes for Mehr Express

Mehr Express travels between Karachi Cantt and Mirpur Khas, making several stops along the way. Some of the major stops include Hyderabad Junction, Tando Adam Junction, Nawabshah Junction, and Shahdadpur Station, among others. The train covers a distance of approximately 290 kilometers, and the journey takes around four and a half hours to complete.

The Mehr Express provides handy afternoon departure alternatives if you prefer a midday trip. For individuals who want to finish their morning obligations before leaving on their trip, these timings are ideal. Check out these popular departure times and routes for the afternoon:

2 SHER SHAH JN. 15:56 15:58
3 MUZAFFARGARH 16:14 16:16
4 BUDH 16:33 16:34
5 MAHMUD KOT 16:48 16:50
6 GURMANI 17:00 17:02
7 SANAWAN 17:16 17:18
8 KOT ADU JN. 17:40 17:50
9 DERA DINPANAH 18:01 18:03
10 ASHANPUR AHP 18:14 18:16
11 KOT SULTAN 18:32 18:34
12 JAMAN SHAH 18:47 18:49
13 LEIAH 19:00 19:02
14 KAROR 19:33 19:35
15 BEHAL 19:54 19:56
16 BHAKKAR 20:25 20:30
17 DARYA KHAN 21:00 21:02
18 KALLUR KOT 22:08 22:10
19 PIPLAN 22:40 22:42
20 ALLUWALI 23:07 23:09
21 KUNDIAN JN 23:40 23:59
22 MIAN WALI 00:20 00:28
23 PAI KHEL 00:50 00:52
24 DAUD KHEL JN 01:06 01:08
25 MAKHAD ROAD 01:50 01:52
26 INJRA 02:15 02:17
27 CHHAB 02:39 02:41
28 JHAMAT 02:58 03:00
29 JAND JN 03:41 03:43
30 NAMMAL 04:03 04:04
31 DOMEL 04:18 04:19
32 BASAL JN. 04:30 04:32
33 BASAL SHARIF 04:38 04:39
34 FATEHJANG 05:19 05:21
35 TARNOUL 05:53 05:55
36 GOLRA SHARIF 06:08 06:11
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Facilities on Mehr Express

Mehr Express provides a range of facilities for its passengers, including air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned coaches. The train also has a dining car that serves a variety of Pakistani cuisine. Passengers can choose from various seating arrangements, including sleeper coaches, standard class coaches, and economy class coaches. The train is equipped with modern amenities such as CCTV cameras, charging ports, and Wi-Fi.

Booking Tickets for Mehr Express

Passengers can book tickets for Mehr Express online through the Pakistan Railways website or at any railway station. It is advisable to book tickets in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle. The fare for Mehr Express varies depending on the class of travel and the distance covered. You can check the fare on the Pakistan Railways website or by visiting any railway station.

Amenities and Services

The Mehr Express is committed to providing a delightful travel experience for its passengers. Along with its punctuality and convenient timings, the train service offers a range of amenities and services. These include:

  • Comfortable seating with ample legroom
  • Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the journey
  • Clean and well-maintained restrooms
  • On-board dining options serving delicious meals and snacks
  • Dedicated luggage storage areas
  • Charging ports for electronic devices
  • Courteous and attentive staff to assist passengers

Ticketing and Reservations

Securing your ticket for the Mehr Express is a hassle-free process. You can make your reservations online through the official website or through authorized travel agencies. Additionally, there are ticket counters available at major train stations for in-person bookings. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure availability.

 Tips for a Pleasant Journey

To make the most of your journey on the Mehr Express, consider the following tips:

  • Arrive at the station early to avoid any last-minute rush.
  • Pack essentials such as water, snacks, and entertainment for a comfortable trip.
  • Keep your travel documents and tickets easily accessible.
  • Follow the safety guidelines provided by the train staff.
  • Be mindful of fellow passengers and maintain a friendly and respectful environment.
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 Safety Measures and Guidelines

The Mehr Express prioritizes the safety and well-being of its passengers. In light of this, the train service adheres to strict safety measures and guidelines. These include regular sanitization of the trains, mandatory mask-wearing, and temperature checks before boarding. Passengers are also encouraged to maintain social distancing throughout the journey.


The Mehr Express train service offers a reliable and efficient mode of transportation for travelers across various destinations. With its well-established routes and convenient timings, it ensures a seamless journey from start to finish. Whether you’re an early bird, a night traveler, or someone in between, the Mehr Express has a schedule tailored to suit your needs. So, book your tickets now and embark on a comfortable and enjoyable adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the Mehr Express train?

A: Mehr Express is a passenger train that runs between Karachi and Mirpur Khas in Pakistan.

Q: How long is the journey on Mehr Express?

A: The journey takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Q: What are the timings of Mehr Express?

A: The train departs from Karachi Cantt station at 5:30 AM and arrives at Mirpur Khas at 9:00 AM. The return journey departs from Mirpur Khas at 3:30 PM and arrives at Karachi Cantt at 7:00 PM.

Q: What are the routes of Mehr Express?

A: The train runs from Karachi Cantt station to Mirpur Khas and back.

Q: How many stops does Mehr Express make?

A: The train makes stops at several stations along the way, including Landhi Junction, Hyderabad Junction, Tando Adam Junction, and Nawabshah Junction.

Q: What is the ticket price for Mehr Express?

A: The ticket price varies depending on the class of travel. Economy class tickets are the cheapest, while AC sleeper class tickets are more expensive.

Q: How can I book a ticket on Mehr Express?

A: You can book a ticket on Mehr Express through the Pakistan Railways website, mobile app, or by visiting the nearest railway station.

Q: Is there a dining car on Mehr Express?

A: No, there is no dining car on Mehr Express. However, passengers can purchase snacks and refreshments from vendors who move through the train during the journey.

Q: Is Mehr Express a comfortable train to travel on?

A: Yes, Mehr Express is a comfortable train to travel on, with air-conditioned coaches and comfortable seating arrangements. However, the level of comfort may vary depending on the class of travel.

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