Jinnah Express Train Timings and Routes

Jinnah Express Train Timings. It is essential to have comprehensive knowledge of the train schedules and itineraries if you are considering a trip to Pakistan, particularly along the Jinnah Express route. A well-liked train service that offers travellers practical travel options is the Jinnah Express. In this article, we’ll examine the Jinnah Express’s many facets, including its schedule, routes, and other crucial information.

Jinnah Express Train Timings and Routes

Jinnah Express Train Timings and Routes

The Jinnah Express is named after Pakistan’s founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. One of the best train systems in the nation, it provides passengers with safe and effective transportation. The history of the train is extensive, serving as a representation of the country’s advancement in the railway industry.

31UP Jinnah Express Train Timings

Detailed information about the Jinnah Express train schedule for each stop. A premium passenger train called the Jinnah Express travels daily between Karachi and Lahore. Timings for the Jinnah Express at each stop, as per the most recent Pakistani railway timetable. Full timetable, stop information, and stoppage details for the most recent Pakistani railway train, the Jinnah Express.




Karachi Cant



Hyderabad Jn



Rohri Jn



Khanewal Jn



Lahore Jn


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32DN Jinnah Express Train Timings




Lahore Jn



Khanewal Jn



Rohri Jn



Hyderabad Jn



Drigh Road



Karachi Cant



Schedule for the Jinnah Express

It’s critical to be aware of the Jinnah Express train schedule to guarantee a comfortable voyage. The train follows a predetermined schedule and is prompt and dependable. Depending on the departure and arrival stations, the times may change. The approximate times for the Jinnah Express are as follows.

8:00 AM departure time
6:00 PM arrival
It is advised to verify with the railway authorities or visit their official website for the most recent information as these timings are subject to change.

Jinnah Express routes

The Jinnah Express connects numerous Pakistani cities and localities along a predetermined route. Passengers can conveniently reach their destinations because of its broad network. Along the Jinnah Express route, the following significant stops are found:

Cantt in Karachi.
Railway Junction
the Khanewal Junction
Junction in Lahore
While travelling, guests can take in the country’s magnificent splendour as the train travels through picturesque landscapes.

Infrastructure and Amenities

A variety of services and facilities are available to Jinnah Express passengers to improve their trip experience. The railway has spacious seating, air-conditioned cars, and spotless facilities. Additionally, passengers have access to the delectable meals and beverages served by the onboard dining facilities. The Jinnah Express aims to give its customers a relaxing and delightful trip.

Reservations and Ticketing

It is advised to reserve your tickets for the Jinnah Express in advance to guarantee a hassle-free journey. The Pakistan Railways’ official website offers online ticket booking for customers, or they can go to the closest train station. Passengers can effortlessly select their chosen class, seat, and travel dates when booking online.

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Security and Safety

On the Jinnah Express, customer security and safety are of the greatest priority. Modern safety features on the train include fire detection systems, emergency exits, and first aid stations. Onboard, trained crew members are available to help passengers and safeguard their safety at all times. Additionally, passengers are encouraged to secure their possessions and adhere to any instructions given by the train crew.

FAQs about Jinnah Express Train Timings and Routes

Q. The Jinnah Express schedule is susceptible to change, right?

Ans. It is advised to contact the train officials to find out the most recent timings.

Q. Can I purchase tickets for the Jinnah Express online?

Ans.  The official website of Pakistan Railways offers the option to purchase tickets online.

Q. What significant stops are there along the Jinnah Express route?

Ans. The important stops are Rohri Junction, Khanewal Junction, Lahore Junction, Hyderabad, and Karachi Cantt.

Q. Food is served on the Jinnah Express, right?

Ans. Yes, there is a dining car on the train that serves food and drinks.

Q. How can I be sure that my possessions are safe while travelling?

Ans. It is advised that you keep your possessions safe and adhere to the staff members’ directions.

For travellers within Pakistan, the Jinnah Express offers a practical and dependable form of transportation. The train ensures a pleasant journey with its set times, well-established routes, and nice amenities. You may properly plan your travel and maximise your time on the Jinnah Express by being aware of the train schedules, routes, and other crucial information.

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